Spelling on/off button in toolbar

Can we have a button in one of the toolbars from where we can turn the spelling on and off?

I don’t want to go to options every time.


If you mean run the spell check, you can add that button to the toolbar.

Customizing the toolbars is under the Tools menu, I think.

I have the exact same question, but to be clear, I mean “check spelling as you type.” Specifically not “spell check.”
Sometimes I work on early drafts and late drafts simultaneously and seeing the red squiggles on early drafts is annoying while I want them on late drafts. Again, specifically not the one-at-a-time spell check.

As is, on the Windows beta, you have to make all the clicks to get to “options” and back every time I want to quickly switch. So a toggle button or keystroke would be fantastic.

You mean like this: [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/can-we-have-check-spelling-as-you-type-main-toolbar-action-button-please/39872/1] :mrgreen:

I asked about this feature a time ago and really hope LL will include it in V3 of Scrivener for Windows.