Spelling, Personal Dictionary, Learning Bugs

Beta 1.9

Behavior: personal dictionary did not persist after upgrading from a previous version (probably 1.6 or 1.7).
Expected behavior: if I enter words into a personal dictionary, they should still be there after I upgrade the software, same as the rest of the project.

Behavior: correcting a word to something equally misspelled removes the red squiggly … until I change to another document and back again
Expected behavior: (Mis)correcting a word should leave it marked as wrong–until I put it in my personal dictionary.

Behavior: changing style on a misspelled word removes the red squiggly until I change to another document and back again
Expected behavior: changing to underline or italic should not affect whether it’s shown as misspelled or not

Behavior: cannot see if a word is both misspelled and underlined; red squiggly takes precedence
Expected behavior: should be some way to show both
(This may be related to the style change problem just above this.)

Behavior: cannot do a copy from text to add to personal dictionary, owing to window focus issues: if the personal dictionary window is open, can’t change focus to text window
Expected Behavior: should be able to keep personal dictionary window open while scrolling through document to find and select words to add. Current process of finding word, selecting it, copying it, clicking on Options window (auto-correct tab stays enabled, thank heavens), clicking on view personal word list, and clicking “add word” is unacceptably clumsy, particularly if you have to do it more than once, which adds the extra step of closing the word list window.
Suggestion: find a way to support Word-style spellcheck

How about just clicking right on that word and then click on “Learn Spelling”?
The word is then automatically transferred to your personal word list.

First you have to be in the correct mode, with the “correct spelling errors as you type” box checked. Looks like it works fine iff you do. Thanks.

I’m convinced that that possibility wasn’t there in at least one previous version, or had been differently implemented, perhaps with a button to click for “Learn this word”? I have a memory of having found such, having it not quite work as expected, and then never being able to find it again.

In any case, “Correct spelling errors as you type” didn’t exactly seem relevant when making a final pass over an MS, as I don’t feel myself to be typing–i.e., adding text–when I’m simply reacting to flagged words.