Spelling problem (footnote numbers = errors)

If you place a footnote (or endnote) number immediately after the punctuation at the end of a sentence (which is the standard place to put a footnote), the word before the punctuation will be underlined as mis-spelt. It seems that Beta 10 is treating the word, the punctuation and the numeral that identifies the note as one word.

This would be easily solved if we could have the option to ignore words that contain numerals (so that 1st, 2nd, etc. aren’t flagged as mistakes), and (while I’m asking), ignoring words in all caps would be great too. I’ve posted these feature requests on the feedback forum, but the one I’m describing here seems like a definite bug.

Hi JJE, to clarify, are you talking about adding a footnote through the Insert Footnote menu option, or just manually adding a superscript numeral?