spelling-settings, annotate pdfs, vector(pdf)-graphic import

It would be really nice to change the spelling option per file/project. I have to write in German and English and it would make it a lot easier and faster if I would not have to change the spelling settings all the time.

I really love the way imported files are treated. (I have a quasi backup of all the papers I need.)
It would be even greater if I could highlight passages in the pdf (maybe column-wise) or annotate with arrows, circles etc.

And finaly, I use a lot of vector-drawings, which are saved as pdf. Since I also want to include them in the text (as I can with usual images) I would like to have a checkbox/context menu which allows me switch between the link and a preview.

Thanks for this great app.

You can open files stored in Scrivener in an external editor - eg open a PDF in Preview - and then save the modified version back in your Scrivener project.

Here’s a thread discussing that topic: literatureandlatte.com/forum … .php?t=811

Thanks for answering that, janra. Indeed, this is the way to go - just select to open your PDF in Preview and then modify it there. Scrivener cannot be a full PDF editor any more than it can be a full-featured web browser or image or movie editor; the research is there just to be viewed, for reference. This is why it allows you to open and modify research documents in external editors. That said, it does seem as though I have overlooked adding “Open in External Editor” to the View menu - currently it only appears in the binder ctrl-click menu. So I have added it to my list to add this item to the View menu too, so it is a little less obscure.

As for spellings, I’m not quite sure what you mean. If you mean spell-checking-as-you-type, then this is per-project. You set the default for new projects in Preferences, but if you turn of spell checking in the project, then it will stay off next time you open that project. Or, do you mean the spell-checking language? If so, I’m afraid this is just built into OS X - Scrivener’s spell-checking uses Apple code that is built into the text system, and I’m not sure there is a way to control this.

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And perhaps we could have a nice little toolbar button for Open with External Editor as well, for us mousy types. (Mousy only in how I use my computer, I assure you! :slight_smile:) If there is to be no little button, no biggie!

Maybe, if I can be bothered to design the icon! (Or find one to borrow. :slight_smile: )

Yes I ment the language, and I also know its a Mac OS X annoyance.
Maybe a Applescript could help?

What about having pdf previews? Or as I put it in the first post inserting vector images saved as pdfs. I don’t know how much effort this would take.
It would make my workflow a lot easier.

Thanks for fast answering



I also use a lot of vector graphics–I think Scrivener can be very helpful for putting together teaching resources which tend to have illustration. Can you explain more precisely what you mean by a “checkbox” or a pdf preview?


Hi Bryce,

my workflow is as follows:
-I search for files connected to the report I am writing
-I write some text and insert a picture, by dragging it from the research folder into the textwindow. This works great with jpgs but does not work with pdfs.
Obviously it does not make any sense (to me) to insert a whole pdf-document, but it could be usefull to insert a drawing which is a onepage vector graphic.

So I was thinking how it would be possible to tell Scrivener that this pdf should be inserted as an inline picture.
Annother way which just came to my mind is, to specify some sort of posterframe for each document containing more than just one page (movies for example).

I see, that is annoying. I hadn’t noticed since I tend to paste things directly into documents (and that will insert PDFs inline). So a temporary fix, at least for those whose default viewer is Preview, is to right-click on the PDF, select Open in Alternate Editor, and copy the desired page.

I agree, I’d also like to see that and second, a way to open inline graphics in an external editor or viewer, in place (at least the functionality within TextEdit, or better yet LinkBack), which has been requested elsewhere.

Just to reiterate that Scrivener is not, and is unlikely ever to be, a PDF editor any more than it will be an image editor or web browser. Sorry.

regarding spell checking: why not use multilingual? I use this setting for all programs. Works great.

Well frack me! I’ve spent years switching back and forth from English to French and never noticed that option. It seems to work perfectly.

Great thanks,