Spellings Gone Awry

I don’t know whether this issue has ever cropped up before:

Is there a way to get the spellchecker to ‘unlearn’ something? Is there anyway to purge unwanted spellings?

My piddy slipt whilst operating that function [too much butter on the popcorn, too much snickering during an improbable dialogue], and now I have an unwanted word not getting underscored in red whenever I accidentally type it in my manuscript,… like typing ‘teh’ instead of ‘the’.

Beta readers spot it, but the spellchecker no longer does.


I think you can just edit the text file that’s at “~/Library/Spelling/en” (assuming you’re using English).

That, followed by a restart, did the trick quite nicely!

Many, many thanks!! :smiley:

Ooh, I never knew that. Excellent, thanks Robert :slight_smile:

No problem! You might even have been able to get away with logging out and logging back in, saving the restart, but I’m glad it worked out.