Spill Chucker Additions

I learned that I can import names into the name generator via a CSV.

Is there a similar ability to import names / words / phrases to the spill chucker, aka spell checker?

Every time I change processors, I spend HOURS re-educating the spell checker.

In your C:\Users<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Scrivener\Scrivener folder there should be a file called wordlists.ini, which contains the learned words.

This is a per-installation file, so if you move to another processor, as you call it, just put your wordlists.ini file on the corresponding machine’s folder and you’re done.

You can even use a cloud sync tool like Cubby to have that folder synced at all times among different Windows machines.

Hope this helps!

Thus, if I edit wordlists.ini with something like Notepad and add all the words I need, Scrivener will then know where they are?

I have Dropbox, not Cubby. And I’m not running Scrivenor from a folder in the Dropbox. So I’m not sure how those would stay up to date.

Yes, you can edit the list in Notepad and save it to add a batch of words to your custom Scrivener dictionary.

You don’t need to run Scrivener from Dropbox to sync the wordlist. It’s a little more complicated than the usual method, since Dropbox syncs based on the contents of the “Dropbox” folder on your drive; you need to set it up with symbolic links. There’s an article detailing this here.

I think this will only work transparently as long as the words you add don’t contain accented or otherwise special characters. Scrivener does some sort of encoding on those characters, so they won’t look the same when you explore the wordlist via the user interface as they look on Notepad/Notepad++.

This is my case since a write mostly in Spanish, so overwriting or syncing the wordlist file is my path of choice.

I use DropBox as well, but decided to include Cubby in cases like this because it allows you to define any of your folders as shared. Several tools save config files on the AppData folder, so it has been a life saviour for me to use them all on different computers.

on the article.

I think I’ll copy the dictionary…

Now, if I could just remember where Word XP stores its dictionaries, and whether or not it’s in a text format…

OMG, NOW I get what you mean by “processors”: not machines, but word processors. What you really need is to populate Scrivener dictionary from Microsoft Word… :blush:

Sorry, I misunderstood your need. My previous advice was in order to use the same dictionary on two different Scrivener installations.

As per your real need, I have no idea how to get that data from Word XP. I did a quick Google search and found this tutorial, which is for more recent versions of Word, but the process may be may be similar for yours:

howtogeek.com/howto/microsof … ictionary/

Anyway, the wordlists.ini file has a special syntax. Add a few words using the “learn” function in Scrivener to get the idea so you can insert your new words correctly.