Spinning ball on quote conversion

I’m working on imported rtf files.

Whenever I try to convert straight quotes to smart quotes, I get the spinning ball of doom and have to force quit.

This has happened several times now, with different projects.

Any suggestions?

That’s an odd one, I would suspect some kind of third-party tool that is inserted somewhere in the routine that Scrivener is using to perform the conversion. Are you getting a crash report? That would help reveal and rogue processes like this. It sounds like it isn’t getting to the point of a full crash, however, and is just stuck in a loop. What OS X version are you using, and is Scrivener up to date?

But if you have upgraded your computer somewhat recently, it’s always good idea to audit all of your third-party plug-ins and utilities and make sure they are up to date, or removed if they do not specifically state that they are compatible with the version of OS X you are using. Since stuff can insert itself into other Mac programs, it can lead to instability, which can even manifest in very specific situations like this.

How large is the file and what version of OS X are you on? I’ve seen some slowdown on quote conversion in the past but I thought it had been addressed.

Thanks and all the best,