Spinning beach ball when switching between texts

Hello all,

I’m working on a book chapter and finding that there is one document of about 17K words that was originally imported from Word that is causing a considerable lag. I’ve split this long document into two shorter parts within the project. The split off/new document I created with the first half of the text is fine. But every time I switch to the second section (which is the longer of the two and the same location where the original Word document was imported), I get the spinning beach ball and have to wait about 15 seconds before I can start typing in it.

I had thought maybe it was because there were some images in the document, so I moved each image to a separate research file in the project, but that’s not solved the problem.

Does anyone have advice? It’s slowly driving me batty as every time I switch back and forth I have to wait.

Thank you!


Make anew document, copy the text and paste it to match formatting…

Thanks. To my surprise, that worked! Much appreciated.

Text from Word sometimes have weird invisible things mixed up with the text. This copy-paste procedure often, but not always, get rid of it.
Glad it sorked :slight_smile: