Spinning wheel of death during PDF compile ... Style gets the bullet

I couldn’t resist doing a “Daily Mail” title, sorry.

I have a document that caused Scrivener to hang during compilation. After a process of elimination, I finally worked out which document caused it to hang.

Symptom: Compile hangs - spinning wheel of death appears. The only option being to ‘force quit’ and restart Scrivener.

Resolution first - find the offending document and add a few blank lines at the end of the document and setting the style to “None” for those blank lines.

In this case, “offending document” had the following characteristics:

It finished with a bulleted list (no tailing blank lines); and,
As I’d wanted to control the indents, I have defined a “Bullet” style that I use both in compile settings and in the editor. I had applied this to the bulleted list.

I didn’t test whether it required all three elements (bulleted list, style in editor, style override in compiler) to cause Scrivener to crash as I had to get the document out and was up against it from a timing perspective.

It works without issue when I added a couple of (non-bulleted) blank lines, and reset the style to the editor default.

This appears to affect both bulleted lists and numbered lists. I have to make sure that I insert a paragraph after every list to prevent Scrivener hanging when compiling.

What format are you compiling to? Would it be possible to attach or send a zipped-up project that demonstrates the issue? My guess from the symptoms is that an out-of-bounds error is being thrown, which should be straightforward to fix if I can reproduce it, but I tried setting up a project based on your description and it compiled fine.

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Sure - see the attached. Try changing the last item (“Does it work?”) to a bullet style. Click outside of it and Scrivener hangs.
Test-PDF Compile.zip (91.9 KB)

FWIW, it doesn’t hang on Mojave.

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Test-PDF Compile-1.pdf (40.1 KB)

I can reproduce this (on Mojave too) and have fixed it for the next update.

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And now I feel like a failure.

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