Spit Screen Problem


I recently purchased Scrivener and noticed a few issues. One of them is the split screen where the chapter notes show on the side of the screen. When I switch chapters, the split screen doesn’t change to reflect that. I have a screenshot to demonstrate what I mean. I hope this can be fixed soon. In addition, when I add new folders, the tool does not add them at the end of the chapters, which is kind of annoying. I have to manually select they move down until they are at the end.

Splitting the editor creates two independent “sessions” within your project, it sounds like it is working entirely according to the design. When you first create a split, it will use the current material to create the second split, so if you are looking at a Corkboard of some scenes in a chapter and split, you’ll get another Corkboard doing exactly the same thing. Or, if you split with a text file open, you’ll be able to scroll elsewhere in that text without disturbing your current writing position, by splitting and then closing the second split when you’re done.

But once a split is created, like I say, these are independent sessions. You can load chapter notes on the right-hand side and then start writing files on the left and as you switch from scene to scene, nothing disturbs the overall chapter notes file on the right. You have to click over into that editor (so that the blue bar changes to it) and then select what you want to view from the Binder—and that of course will not disturb the text in the left editor.

Creating new items is contextual, based on your current selection in either the main editor or the Binder. We don’t presume at all where you want the new thing to go, that would be rather annoying in my opinion (never mind that the software has no conception of all of what a chapter or a scene is). Rather the software relies entirely upon your direction. Click on the thing you wish to create a new folder after and then make it. In the case of “chapters”, a sequence of folders from what I see in your screenshot, if you want to add a new chapter after the current one, you click on that chapter folder in the Binder and hit Shift-Ctrl-N. It will appear below the list of any files within the originally selected chapter, assuming they were revealed.

It may take a little experimentation to get used to how it is meant to work, but it should all become second nature once you get used to it.