spit screen view windows

I’m trying to figure how to get the file on the left to adjust to fit the way the one on the right does. As it is now, I have to keep using the side-to-side scroll bar to read the text on the left window.

Not at my Mac, so exact names and placement of menu items may be a bit off… :blush: but please try this:

Click in the left editor so the cursor is flashing there. Then go to your view menu and in the editor submenu you should see an item called “page view” or similar. I’m betting it’s checked. Select it to toggle it off, and see if that helps.

Hope this helps!

Ahhh! Yes. Thank you for the quick reply and it’s a fix!
It’s interesting that the window on the right was not set to page view, but the one on the left was.
Oh well, not relevant. Just happy to have it done. Thanks again. I feel kinda stupid now :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!

Thank goodness I found it on this post!