[SPLIT] Adding additional section breaks to ebooks

I’m trying to compile an Ebook, and I’m having a bit of a problem. I’m trying to add a blank page between the dedication and the start of the story, but I don’t want that page listed in the table of contents. Is there any way I can do that? If not, could they maybe add that feature?

Firstly, do consider that most e-readers do not display text like a paper book with a left and a right half. In most cases one will only see one chunk of text at a time, and introducing superfluous section breaks to try and aesthetically space things apart will cause readers to have to press the Next Page button twice on their book reader to get past this point. As well, since there is no such thing as a page (and thus no such thing as a general page break), your only tool here is to create a new section, as in a new “chapter”, as in an entry in the table of contents.

All of which is why I wouldn’t recommend doing any of this, but if you must: insert a section prior to the Dedication file in the binder, check off “Page Break Before”, and add the <$BLANK_PAGE> token to the text area. You will then need to load the e-book in an editor such as Calibre or Sigil and manually fix the table of contents.

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