Split Alone is Worth the Price

The most useful feature in Scrivener – for me – is the ability to split a document. I write fiction, and once you’ve done a first draft, the essence of editing is moving stuff around. I still remember doing this with a pair of scissors and glue, literally “cutting and pasting” pieces of text onto a page, for re-typing.

Scrivener, with its brilliant splitting features, makes it easy. A bonus is the ability to use the first line as the title or “set the selected text as title.” Equally valuable.

So often, I have competing versions of the same idea. Two or three chunks of text that all are trying to say the same thing. There’s good stuff in each of them. They need to be interleaved, triaged, so that the best of each is kept and the chaff eliminated.

Splitting the document is a wonderful way to do that. I split each one into relevant chunks, then move the pieces close to one another. Then use Merge to put them together. If I need to I use the Split Editor window (I prefer vertical) to compare them. But often enough the chunks are small enough that it’s not necessary.