split and label text and split screen

These two features alone put Scrivener ahead of any application available and I use many. I am a trade magazine feature writer and I work from transcribe interviews, I use Scrivener’s split and label feature to quickly divied the interview into manageable chunks of text. Then I arrange these chunks into an outline, which I keep in one screen. I work on the draft of my article in the other.

Scrivener has many other endearing qualities which I would love to see on my Ipad.

Text to voice for proofing
The ability to export folders of files to the desktop-- I like drop box sync best
The fast find search of multiple documents is something I use all the time

I formatting puts to much of an overhead burden on the program, I wouldn’t worry too much about that (at least at first)

I could ask for much more, but I don’t want to be too greedy.

july 4 would be a good release date. We could celebrate with fireworks.

Thanks for the input.

In my own writing I use the split feature extensively, so that at least guarantees I’ll be trying to get that feature in the app.