Split at Scene Heading

I’m not sure if this is something that’s been requested before (I couldn’t find it in a search) but how about an automated “Split at Scene Heading” feature? Previously I’ve been OK going through and doing Split with Selection as Title manually, but after a couple of round trips to-and-from Final Draft this does become time-consuming.

Basically it would automate going through a selected document and splitting it every time it came to a Scene Heading element. The new files would have the Scene Heading as the title. If we were really going to town another option could even allow you to add sequential scene numbers, but that’s probably overdoing it.

Perhaps this is even action script-able? (I wouldn’t know how to do that though). Maybe it’ll be easier in the forthcoming release with Final Draft support. Maybe it’s been in Scrivener all along and I missed it.


This is done for the next update if you are importing a Final Draft file… You would just select “Import and Split…” (a new feature) and choose to split at scene heading for FCF files.
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Brilliant. You rule. Thank you.

Is it considered improper to ask when we can start playing with the new betas?

Really looking forward to it.

best, Robin