Split At Selection in Subdocument Scrivenings View

Searched for this as a bug, but didn’t find anything. Perhaps I am misunderstanding something, or my expectation is not correct. If so maybe someone can set me straight. The easiest way to explain what I’m seeing is to explain what I did.

I imported a large file (multiple chapters, ~75K words). RTF format.
I started to split the document into separate chapter document by inserting my cursor before each Chapter heading, right clicking, and choosing “Split at Selection.”
After a while, I have a handful of files under a single folder in my Project. And I’m getting tired of chasing the next bit (the next part that needs more splitting) into a new document
(Yes, I know, I should have split the document working from the end backward, so that I would always be working in the same document. Hush.)
I choose that folder and click on the “View subdocuments as scrivenings” button, at the top, to see the composite of all documents I created. I figure this way I can just scroll down and find the next Chapter heading to split out.
I find the next chapter heading, and I do the right click, Split at Selection thing

Expectation: that everything below that split will have been moved to a new document in the same folder (which did happen), and that that new document will automatically be added into the composite view so that a line will appear in the composite view above the Chapter heading I just split out (which did not happen).

Actual Behavior: The text below the Split point was moved to a new document. However, that text disappeared from my composite view. My composite view below that Split point was just empty document.

Did I make that clear? Is this expected behavior, or can it be changed?


Yeah, the way it works now is not the way it should be, so two changes that will be coming which will make your life easier next time:

  1. Splitting should leave you focused in the lower document (the part “split off” from the rest) rather than in the upper so you shouldn’t have to start at the bottom and work your way up.

  2. Splitting while in a Scrivenings view will work as you were anticipating if you are viewing a container document and splitting its contents. (So basically, you dump your imported work into your My Brilliant Novel folder, you select said folder and view it as a Scrivenings session and split like mad.) This should also work with a multiple selection, but obviously you can’t start with just a single document and view it in Scrivenings mode because Scrivenings is a group-view option and a single document is not a group. Right.

Sounds great. Thanks for the info!