Split at Selection removes paragraph formatting

I imported an existing text file (in RTF format) that had double spaced lines and indented paragraphs. When I create new sections using ‘Split/Split at Selection,’ Scrivener separates the document for me, but it strips out the formatting in the first paragraph of the newly created section (meaning the first paragraph loses the indent and becomes single spaced instead of double).



PS Seems to be a great program!
PPS Apologies if this has been reported before. I did not see any mention of it already existing in the forum, and the most recent Known Bugs list does not seem to be up.


My trick is to insert a blank space on the very last line of the first file, and split there.
This keeps all the formats (except when you split in the middle of a paragraph).

I’m using Scrivener v2.0 and it still has this problem. Any chance this bug could be logged?

I have the exact same problem.

Formatting information for a paragraph is likely contained in the paragraph mark at the end of the graf. Inserting a carriage return at the end of the graf should preserve the original format if you split at the second return.