Split at selection shortcut????

I know that shortcuts are being implemented but do we know if the “Split at Selection" (ideally with selection "as Title”) exists?? I cannot find it listed.

Is it on its way with the new beta? I have 80,000 (maybe more) words that I want to slice up into many small scenes. Sorry to be a pain but it would really help a LOT to have a short cut.

If not does anyone know of a PC keyboard macro shortcut maker that will work with Win 7??

TIA, ATB Steve

PS Weird or what - I went into the demo doc and highlighted some random text to try out a Ctrl+K for the split. I didn’t notice that I had selected ““Split with Selection as Title” works in much the same way, except” doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo Positively spooky!

http://www.autohotkey.com/ is a free program that I’ve used on Windows 7. It doesn’t have recording capability, so you’ll have to use its “Window Spy” and write some cryptic code by hand.

PhraseExpress is an alternative you might want to consider. I use it with Windows 7.

Wow what a dog… but what a powerful dog. I will give it an hour or two but it looks pretty complex… but it could be a useful tool. Thanks PJE

Andy thanks but this is 180 degrees away from what I want. I am trying to automate clicking menus not adding text repetitively. But thanks for the thought.

ATB guys

It does exactly that as well as text replacement - although, looking at their front page, they don’t do a very good job of advertising the fact.

Andy thanks I will have a look then - sorry for misunderstanding :slight_smile:


EDIT: Later… Still not sure it will work here. Just had a ten minute look. In Scrivener after I hit Alt D to get to Document I have to move the mouse to click on the split instructions as (unfortunately) the menu items have NOT been associated control letters (bad Scrivener very bad). If it CAN learn mouse clicks or down arrow movements then it should work.

You are right this functionality is rather buried in the documentation. But I LOVE the turn off CAPS LOCK function as I a very ham fisted typist!

Just created this macro in PhraseExpress to run the ‘Split at Selection – Selection as Title’ command in Scrivener.

{#ALT -chars d}{#DOWN -count 3}{#RIGHT -count 1}{#DOWN -count 1}{#ENTER}

Remember you should start by selecting a bit of text (to be used as the title) before running it.

Always good advice to try it on a test project/bit of text first to make sure it works before getting busy on your actual project.

I found it slow to start putting macros together in PhraseExpress to begin with but once you get started, it gets quicker and you start finding all sorts of things to automate. For example, I’ve got a couple set up to change the colour scheme in my main Word Processor so I can quickly switch between ‘day’ and ‘night’ modes.

Have fun :slight_smile:

Edit: Oh, it’s also worth saying that this macro depends on the menus staying the way they are. If they change (quite likely, especially during this Beta stage), you may need to amend the macro accordingly so be a little careful the first time you use it after installing a new version (such as the upcoming one due anytime before the 30th).

Andy thanks I will give it a go tomorrow or Tuesday. LOL I had already thought about the menu items moving - I think it’s inevitable don’t you!


Pretty likely, yes. But it’ll be very easy to update the macro.

Asserlootly young min!

Version 025 has just been released and includes a built in keyboard shortcut for ‘Split with selection as title’ and it’s Ctrl+Shift+k

Andy abser-bloody-lootly. I did Ctrl+Shift+k about 175 times this afternoon.

I looked at both the keyboard automaters. They both look great but with a rather precipitous learning curve. I think enough procrastination I better get on with the writing :slight_smile:

The lovely Douglas Adams used to say that configuring your operating system was the modern writer’s eqivalent of sharpening pencils.

I am very worried that I will find plenty of pencil sharpening time in setting up Scrivener EXACTLY the way I like it :unamused:

Thanks for your help.