Split at Selection

OK, I give up. What did I just do?

I’m in Version 2.0.
Long-ish Document.
Used “Split at Selection” to do divide into smaller docs.
Renamed all the new smaller docs as they appeared.
Now I change the smaller docs or the main one and they both change.
Would like to keep master Doc as it was to keep pulling and putting back sections.
I can’t remember this happening in Version 1. But, hey, my memory ain’t that great.
Make sense?



P.S. Everything people have said is true. 2.0 is unbelievable. Seems every time I need a new writing feature the next version of Scrivener comes along with it. Now the only trouble is I’d rather explore features than write…

If you want to save a copy of the original document for reference purposes or what have you, you could just duplicate the entire document tree in the binder, and then select the duplicates and Merge them.

I think 1.x worked the same way in all regards here, within this particular context. Nothing fundamental has been changed in the way documents can be split and merged, and what happens when you do that.

Thanks Amber. I think I was mixing up the way I’ve used Append to Doc to merge docs (or start a new one) and split at selection which, frankly, I find more confusing. In any event, I hadn’t done either in a while. Sorry about that.

Split at selection is actually quite straightforward - it splits the document at the insertion point (or selection). :slight_smile:

I figured out what happened. I had created an Edit Scrivenings session while doing my splits. And since the default breaks changed (to lines from shades) I wasn’t picking up on it. Maybe my mistake will help someone else—it was kind of dumb for a more-or-less experienced user. Thanks again, and best to you all. David