Split doc semantically during import?

[current beta]

Importing a large Word doc with 7 chapters (Heading 1), 25 sub chapters (Heading 2).

Seems that Scrivener forces me to split … this … thirty … two … times … manually.

Or did I overlook s.th.?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a function allowing to define where to split long docs?

Well, you’ve not missed anything but I do suspect you have overestimated the burden here.

Using the keyboard shortcut for either split-at-selection or split-with-selection-as-title will actually enable a very fast whizz through it all. All told it will probably be quicker than the process of going through every document to make sure an automatic splitter did everything in the right place.

You’re right. No burden:

  • Scrolling to Heading,
  • Shift+End to mark,
  • Shift+Ctrl+K to split with title.

Took me less than 2 minutes for those 32. So I have to revoke here: It’s a snap!