Split document in iOS?

Is Split (Ctrl K in Windows) available in the iOS version?


See e.g this post, which was one of the first I found when I searched the forum for split and iOS. *)


*) a quick search usually provides the answer; most questions have been asked before

@lunk - That post is in fact about another topic entirely - that post is specifically asking whether you can split the editor horizontally (you can’t, but you can view two documents side-by-side vertically, young Quick Reference). The user is asking about splitting documents into pieces.

@HiIAmSteve - the answer is yes, you can do this. The keyboard shortcut is Cmd-K on iOS (as on macOS), or, if you don’t have a keyboard with shortcuts available, tap the place in the text where you want to split it so that the black Edit menu appears (if you tap into the text, you may need to tap on the same place again to bring up the Edit menu). Then tap “Split” in the menu.

If you do have an external keyboard plugged in, you can hold down the Command key for a second or two to bring up a list of all available keyboard shortcuts in the current context (there are a lot in Scrivener’s text editor, so that you have to swipe between two screens of available shortcuts!). So, to see all shortcuts available for text, you tap into the text to ensure the editor has the focus, and then hold down Command. To see what shortcuts are available in the binder, tap into the binder and then hold down Command there. This is a trick that works in any iOS app that supports keyboard shortcuts.

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Thanks, guys. I don’t have an external keyboard, so I guess that’s why I didn’t try that shortcut. My iPad is ancient for iPads. I have an iPad 2 from 2011.