Split editor making me crazy

I’ve looked this up in the tutorial & in the manual & in other posts, and played around with locking things in place, etc… but can’t quite figure out how to accomplish a layout - in my binder I have a draft folder and a research folder. within the research folder I have the text of some of my previous publications and want to bookmark them to the appropriate entry under the draft document. to this, I’d like to have them opened next to each other, but no matter what I try, when I click into the other view, the first view changes to match … so, ideally it would be:

binder - left editor continuous scroll of screenings under the research folder - right editor a cork board view of the draft folder - inspector opened to bookmarks & locked to the draft folder/cork board view - like this:

then I could easily drag over the appropriate research entries to the relevant card on the cork board.


I cannot figure out how to get them to stay in these positions. For example, when I clicked on a card on the cork board - then the left editor loaded it, rather than continue to show the research folder like before.

I’m seriously going crazy & I’m such a visual person that I REALLY need this to make progress. the cork board is the primary reason I even got scrivener in the first place!

At the bottom of the corkboard, this is likely blue.
Click on it so it is black.


thx for that! but, does that mean I cannot keep the inspector locked to one of the editor views?

and then how do I lock them in place? or put another way, what do I have to avoid clicking so that they stay where they are?

You can lock the inspector to a specific editor by Ctrl-clicking into that editor’s header and choosing Lock Inspector to Editor from the context menu. Doing that for your right editor showing the corkboard, for instance, will mean you can click on different cards there to load their metadata, but clicking into the left editor will not change the inspector.

The auto-load setting in the editor footer for the corkboard isn’t for loading the clicked item’s metadata in the inspector but rather opening the item in the split editor or the copyholder. So disabling this (equivalent to setting Navigate ▸ Corkboard Selection Affects ▸ None) just prevents your clicks in the corkboard from affecting other editors.

You can lock the right editor so that binder clicks will not change it away from the Draft folder (Lock in Place from the editor header’s context menu). But if you’re going to be drilling down there to see subdocuments within your Draft folder, that lock will disengage, so it may not be the best option. Instead, you could specifically set binder clicks to only ever affect the left editor via the Navigate ▸ Binder Selection Affects ▸ submenu. Or, if you also don’t want the left editor disturbed while you’re working, you might even prefer to to set the Binder Selection Affects to None, so you can easily drag to the inspector bookmarks. You could also alternatively lock that editor once you’ve loaded your Research documents in the Scrivenings session.


I want to cry your response makes me so happy! thank you for taking the time to explain. that last bit - navigate - binder selection affects … is the key to it all!

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