Split Editor - missing buttons


I got it ! In Beta 025, the software seems greater than ever !
(I love the coloured icons^^ BTW : white icon seems to be missing)

But where have the buttons of the “split screen” gone ?

I split my editor vertically, to compare two documents.
Until now, when I used this function, I was able to chose in which of the two texts I would stay after leaving the split screen : Each panel had it’s buttons to change to “horizontal split” or to “no split”.
Now there’s only one of the windows having these buttons, which means that I can only come back to the first document opened.

Are these buttons to come back, or will this stay as it is now ?
(I tried with the ctrl+alt+up, but it does noet act on this.)

It sounds like you just don’t have the header showing for the second editor split–as Lee mentioned, existing projects that you open in 025 will have the header and footer hidden and will have to have them turned back on for each editor split. Ctrl-Alt-LeftArrow is the shortcut for the header; you can access it via the menu under View>Layout.

I’m not sure which icon you mean here? If you’ve turned on View>Use Label Color In>Icons, then the label color should tint the document’s icon in the binder, editor header, and anywhere else it’s visible; if there’s no label, the icon will be white (so even folders, which are regularly blue, will be white if this option is turned on and they have no label). And of course if you have a label colored white, then documents with that label will have a white icon.


As I said in my post : I tried the ctrl+alt+up on the alternate editor with no success.
These shortcuts were the first I used in the new version. (I’m always reading the instructions befor even installing^^ so I was seeking for what this meant in Lee’s post).

The shortcut does not work in the second editor, neither in horizontal, nor vertical split : The buttons to switch between horizontal, vertical and “no split” are only available in the first document open (Win7 ; could this be the reason ?).

As for the icon, I mean the folder icon in the binder, of course.
I’m working on lots of different subjects, and I’m using different codes for the progress of each file too.
The completely coloured binder was not the solution for me.
Now, with coloured icons, it looks exactly like what I was hoping for… but the white colour folder icon is only a white square.
(White is the colour I use for what I call “root folders” in all of my projects ; I would not even think of using it for text files, as they are white by default ; wouldn’t be clever…)

Edit (on icons) : In another project, I get another result.
The folder icon is “visible”, because there is some text inside : I can see the little square in the corner.
When empty, it is only a white square, larger than the other folder icons (question of colour transparency maybe ?)

Ctrl+Alt+Up is the wrong shortcut.

Ctrl+Alt+left (arrow) is the correct one (as MM mentioned) for the Header view (which is the area that contains the doc title as well as the split icons) and works for me (and I’m using Win 7) and it works when the view is split into two panes but only on the selected pane - to work on the other pane, select it first.


This is what I meant with the folders.
On the picture, you see white squares… which are the white folders…
You can also see folders that look like what white folders might be : these are light grey folders…

White folders.png

I thought that, maybe, a little less colour transparency would change something…
Am I mad ? There was such a thing… but I can’t find it anymore in the options…

Ok, this doesn’t bother me…

As for the second editor view buttons, they are available since crash and restart.