Split Editor

Hello and apologies if this has been addressed somewhere. I couldn’t find it. I went to use the split editor today and found it missing. I updated to .26 and it’s still gone. The bar above the text looks completely different and I’m wondering if I’m just missing a toggle somewhere?

Thank you for any help with this,

Hi Angela,

You just need to toggle on the header bar for the editor, via View>Layout>Show Header View. You’ll probably also want to turn on View>Layout>Show Footer View. These should be on for new projects, but due to a bunch of changes in beta 025, older projects aren’t displaying the header and footer by default so you’ll need to turn them back on for each editor split in your existing projects. Once you’ve got the header visible, you’ll see the split option in the right. (You can also use the menu to do a split without having the header on, also in the View>Layout menu.)

Oh Jennifer, thank you!
I knew I was just missing something simple. I appreciate the help and I apologize for what I should have been able to find on my own. I just couldn’t see it.