Split File Name from Date

Hi. I print a lot using Print Current Document - for editing and short story submissions etc.

I would like to change one small thing in the Scrivener Print setup as followes.

Print Setup > Page attributes > Scrivener > Options > Text Document.

Currently, under Print Options > Text Document we have a tickable Print file name / date

I would like to separate into 2 options:

Print file name

This would allow me to include the File name minus the time and date. With short stories, I usually make the file name the same as the title.

Hope this makes sense.

Cheers, Richard L

PS Perhaps there is another way of doing this which I haven’t discovered. I suppose going through Compile would get me there!


Yes, going through Compile is the best way of doing this sort of thing. “Print Current Document” is just intended as a quick, rough’n’ready print-out for personal use, whereas Compile allows full customisation and is intended for producing a document you will distribute.

All the best,