Split Fullscreen

I saw that another user had requested the ability to split in fullscreen but that he really meant he wanted a column view. I’d like to request the actual ability to split so I can view two documents at once while I’m in fullscreen.
Also, I tried to search the forum for ‘fullscreen split’ but it only searched for ‘fullscreen’ and told me that ‘split’ was ignored. I understand why the search engine ignores common words (and, the, etc) but since split is an important feature of the application perhaps an exception could be made.


I’ll look into the search engine thing when I get time - I just upgraded the forums to PHPBB 3.0, so I haven’t ironed out everything yet.

As for a full screen split, I’m afraid I have no plans for anything like that. Full screen isn’t meant to copy all of the features of the main window, as that would be a lot of code duplication for one thing, but also it is mainly meant as a way of composing without distractions. For referring to other documents etc, you need to use the main window. Sorry!

All the best,

P.S. It is the sort of thing I would consider for a 2.0 version, though, so I’ll add it my distant future 2.0 list. Not that there are any plans for such a major upgrade yet. :slight_smile:

No problem, it was just food for thought. Thanks for the fast reply, especially given the time where you are.

I use fullscreen a lot for composing. But I too am keen to see a two-column-split fullscreen option included in Version 2.0 if that helps your decision for such a step.

This would make revision with A+B versions of same file easier with side by side referencing for cut and paste, as well for transfers from reference documents. The dual column widths might auto-adjust to obtain the best equal use of screen width?

ps – I am a relatively new user (Version 1.03). What is the cost for upgrade?
Great program! Many thanks.

There is no upgrade charge for 1.x updates. When Keith eventually gets round to v2.0, there will probably be a fee. But I’d be amazed if that happens before 2010 at the earliest, so don’t worry about it for now :wink: