Split in Full Screen?

Just downloaded the program last night and have spent a few hours playing with it now. I’m in the early stages of writing a non-fiction book based on my Ph.D. work, and I think I’ll use Scrivener. Thanks for creating a very clean, very powerful application.

I’m using a 20" iMac, and one of the reasons I went for the wide screen was so that I could see several pages of text at once. I see that you have the split screen option for two different docs, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to have two pages on full screen mode? I’ve found how I can adjust the page width, to utilize more screen space, but I find that the unnatural paragraph shapes are distracting for reading. I’d love to see two pages of that golden text against the deep-space darkness…

Once again, many thanks for a most productive procrastination.

That’s certainly not a bad idea, but if I understand you correctly, what you are asking for is really a column view rather than a split (ie. just seeing the same document in two columns). I may consider this in the future, but it would be a lot of work, so certainly won’t make 1.0. It sounds like more of a 2.0 feature, in fact. :slight_smile:

Thanks and all the best,

Yes, you understand me. I’m actually asking for the option of having two columns, as opposed to split screen. Looking forward to version 2.0!

Lol - given that we’re not even at version 1.0 yet, you could be looking forward for quite some time! :slight_smile:

I’m just trying out Scrivener and like it a lot so far, will probably buy it soon.

I would really like a multiple column option in full screen. One of my frustrations with Word is that I have a nice big display but can’t view more than one column at a time without all the page layout distractions.

I find it important to see as much context as possible when working in the middle of a document. Multiple columns would help with that.

Thanks, Graham

You can get the effect you desire by using split-screen and clicking the Inspector button, to hide the Synopsis and Comments pane. You may also click the Binder button and hide its pane. You will be left with two windows of text (and must navigate via View: Editor: Go To).

Thanks - that isn’t bad, particularly when I hide the toolbar too. I would still like it even more if it could be done in full-screen mode, though.


I might consider this sort of thing for 2.0. It would involve too many changes in the way FS works and in setting up a columnar view that worked right for a 1.x version, though.

I’m not sure the suggestion made by the topic starter is what I’d like to get.
I use split screen for my papers at the university (mostly, a draft on the right, and a pdf or web page on the left – and “lefter”, the binder), but I’d really like to go full screen with these two documents only (the one I’m writing and the “source”: pdf or html document).
Since I didn’t understand if this is what you were talking about, I left the message here: if yes, take it as a request; if no, and there’s already a way to do what I’m looking for, please anyone let me know how :slight_smile:

Great, great program, BTW.