Split inline annotations not converting to comments properly

When I convert inline annotations to inspector comments, it rolls up a a split comment into one, thus dumping part of it.

For example, I had “Would he really do this here?” in green, but connected to “Research pulmonary edema.” which is in pink. When I convert the comments it combines them into one single comment in pink that only says “Research pulmonary edema.”



I can’t reproduce this - I just tried converting with a split annotation and both comments ended up fine in the inspector. What version are you using? Are you running 2.0.5? It might have been a bug in a previous version, because in early versions of 2.0 I seem to recall there was a problem with this, whereby the first annotation would get assigned to the text before it, and then the second annotation would get assigned to it, overriding the first comment. I fixed it by having Scrivener insert some temporary text “(Linked comment)” that can be fixed up afterwards.

Let me know if you are definitely running the latest version though!

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I’m running version 2.05. And I went back and tried it again and it still did it. Is there something I can send you to help you “see” what’s going on?

You can zip up a sample project and send it to support@literatureandlatte.com, yes. Is there no text before the annotations? Remember that linked comments need to be attached to some text.
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Yar. I think I got it for real this time. Maybe. Testing a bunch of configurations, if there is no space between the annotations or if the space is part of the first annotation, the first annotation gets lost. There needs to be a space between them and the space needs to be part of the second annotation.


  1. Type “Hello, (annotation1)(annotation2)world!” where the (annotations) are annotations in different colors
  2. Convert to inspector comments

Annotation1 disappears.

  1. Type “Hello, (annotation1)( annotation2)world!”
  2. Convert to inspector comments

Both annotations come across.

You can also lose some previously converted comments if you do it a certain (wrong) way. Assuming you put the space between the annotations in the second annotation, as above, so that generally both annotations will be preserved, try this:

  1. In a new document, type a couple paragraphs like this:typefirst.png
  2. Convert the annotations to commentsconvert.png
  3. Type another paragraph with annotationstypemore.png
  4. Convert againconvertagain.png
    Of course in this case, you’re converting inline annotations that weren’t adjacent to text so they had no anchor except for the later annotations hooking on to the end of the paragraph above them. But I’m not sure what’s going on with the comments jumping and switching after the second conversion. It looks like the Linked Comment anchor text disappears, wiping that first comment 1.1 along with it, but then somehow that “Linked Comment” text replaces the original comment text for 1.2 as well. So perhaps that’s buggy?