split page into subpages

New to Scrivener.
I have a page under Drafts. It’s gotten big, so I’d like to split it into several subpages. What is the easiest fastest way to do that?

(I could do a whole bunch of create new subpages, then cut/paste from main page to subpages. Sounds tedious. Is there a faster easier way?)

Use the menu options Documents > Split > at Selection, or Documents > Split > with Selection as Title. Or do the same thing via the contextual menu in the editor. Splitting documents is described in section 13.3.3 of the user manual (Windows version), which is available from Help > Scrivener Manual.

Hope this helps.

And going forward, note you can use Ctrl-N to create a new section while you are writing. This creates the new item below the one you are currently working on, so it’s a great and efficient technique for when you realise you are about to cross into a new thematic section in the work and would like to split things off. You can hit Ctrl-Tab to get back to the editor after you’ve named the new piece.