Split QuickRef window

In one of the latest betas was added the possibility to split the QuickReference window in two, vertically or horizontically.
“• You can now split QuickReference panels vertically as well as horizontally, using the View > Layout > Split… commands”.
Fine! It works! I get an empty space. Bt how do I get any content into this new space? I click in it, and I double click in it; I drag files from the binder into it etc. But nothing happens. :confused:

What do you mean you get an empty space? QuickRef windows show one document only, so you see the document’s meta-data in the other split. Presumably the empty space you are seeing is the document notes or comments. You choose which meta-data you want to see there using the pop-up button at the bottom of the panel, the same one you used to create the split in the first place.

Sorry. Misunderstood. Split the screen using keyboard shortcuts, not the pop up. Thought the QR window would work as a split screen, like the editor, making it possible to se two documents in the same QR window.
Now I understand how it works: as an Inspector window. That’s even more use useful. If I want to see two files at once on top of those already open in the editor, I can always open more QR-windows.


Ah, I forgot about the keyboard shortcut. :slight_smile: Glad that helped!
All the best,