Split replication

Probably version 2.0 stuff.

I could find no way to take the focus of one split, and cause the other half to synch with it. Say I’ve got PictureA in the top split, and DocumentB in the lower split. I’m done with PictureA, and I’d like DocumentB on both sides of the rail, so to speak. There are two ways of doing this currently:

  1. Close the split and re-open it: Cmd-Shift-Opt-N; Cmd-Shift-Opt-A. The only problem with this is that the focussed side of the split does not influence which side retains. It seems the primary side from the initial split (which may not even be relevant anymore if you have switched tasks a few times over the day) is what determines the dominate side. So you may well end up with PictureA on both sides, and a bit of a hunting session for DocumentB.

  2. Load DocumentB into the upper split manually: This requires locating DocumentB if it is not visible, or hard to find. Fortunately there is that handy “Reveal in Binder” feature dangling off of the header icon. Then either click in the upper split, then click once on the revealed DocumentB, or drag DocumentB into the upper split’s header. While this method does not have the semi-random unpredictability of the first, it does require a lot of shuffling around and mouse usage.

There are a few solutions, some easier than others to explain and implement. There is the old-school method of providing an arrow which moves the contents from one split to another, Option-clicked to go the opposite way (see Graphic Converter “Convert” tool for example). There are keyboard shortcuts (Cmd-Ctrl-Up/Left; Cmd-Ctrl-Down/Right, for example), menu items. Finally, a Scrivener style solution: Drag the header icon from one split to another split’s header.

What about a small “refresh” button in the right of the header (next to the new split control buttons)? Clicking on it would cause the other split view to be updated with the content of the document.

(Dragging from the icon would be difficult given that it is a button.)

The only issue I see there is that these split controls will presumably be functioning on one split, and the refresh on another. Perhaps the refresh should effect the split it is connected to, replacing its own contents with the other split’s location (but not view manner, I think, so a Corkboard stays a Corkboard, see?)