Split screen always opens in right window?

In split screen mode, selecting a doc in Binder always opens in the right window. This is when the left window IS active. I know there are other ways to choose the left editor but I should be able to click in the Binder and have the file open in the active window. This is only a problem in one particular project and not others. Swapping editors does not help. Locking window in place does not help. Any ideas please?

You have at some point changed how the Binder reacts with the editors. The state where clicks are loaded in the currently active split is only a default setting. There are actually a few other behaviours as well, all located in the View/Binder Affects/ sub-menu. See §9.4.3 (pg. 101) of the user manual for more information.

You might also have locked the left editor in place (is its header bar pink?).

That’s it. Solved. Thank you.