Split Screen and Slap Happy

How many times have I wondered: Gee, this paragraph would do better over there, and that other one would do better here…

And the getting of those paragraphs back and forth would be a lot of loading of chapters and cutting and pasting and using Search and now I’ve done that, and where the heck was I when this all started?

I’ve just started exploring Split Screens in Scrivener, now that I’ve gotten a bunch of my disparate ideas all sorted out with the Corkboard, and split my wandering drafts into nice sections in the binder, and I’m up to that moving paragraphs around thing, and dang, it’s heavenly.

(Yeah, some of you are saying, Where have you been? I’ve been exploring all those other cool features, that’s what…)

I had written many short pieces in Scrivener, and now I’m into a book that looks like a book, if you know what I mean. And I didn’t think things could get any better… but still, it does.

Full screen is great for pouring out the text, but the Editing… oh my, the Editing Tools. I was always saying to myself, “Now, I need that section where they are painting the basketballs.” If I didn’t remember what arcane chapter title I had put on it, I never was able to say to myself, “There’s that section!” without a lot of noodling around and scrolling through my outline.

Until now. I just search for it, and it pops up over there, and I GRAB IT AND DRAG IT over here, and my goodness, that was so much fun I can’t wait to do it again.

There’s a lot of discussion about Tools on this board, which I enjoy a lot. And I wish to add: the best tools Get Out of Your Way. Sometimes the contact with the muse can be so fragile, and the effort required to sit alone and move words around can be so great, that a small thing, too small a thing, can break that gossamer mist we have to wrap around ourselves in order to do this.

And the more I use Scrivener, the less effort it takes to stay in The Zone.

Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile: Glad Scriv is helping you with the editing!