Split Screen/Binder hi-light bug(?)

I think this is a (minor) bug. If not, I can’t follow the logic of it.

1 - Select a document in the Binder (which I’ll call Doc A)
2 - Press the ‘Horizontal Split’ button so you now have two windows showing Doc A
3 - Select a second document (Doc B) and ‘Doc B’ is hilighted in the Binder and the contents appear in the selected window
4 - Place the cursor in the window showing Doc A so that window’s now selected
5 - Press the ‘No Split’ button on that window so only the window showing Doc A remains
6 - Doc B is still hi-lighted in the Binder.

Shouldn’t the Binder hi-light jump to Doc A as that’s the doc currently being viewed and worked on?

Not a bug. For various reasons (going by the Mac version), the Binder selection does not attempt to follow where you are in the Editor. The Tutorial I believe makes mention of this, though I don’t have access to the Windows version at the moment–it’s mentioned in Step 2 and elsewhere in the Mac Tutorial. Also, this FAQ answer might explain it a little (again, commands for the Mac version; I don’t know if there’s a Windows shortcut equivalent at the moment):

I don’t know if the Windows version currently offers all the same options for loading and switching documents in the Editor, but since ultimately it will even if it doesn’t now, presumably it’s following the same logic for the Binder selection.

Ok, thanks for the explanation.