Split screen button settings for vertical split and end spli


Hi Maria!

I’m a little confused by your post, so I thought I’d ask for clarification.

If you hit the split window button initially, you do get a horizontal split. If you hit the split window button with the ‘option’ key pressed (the ‘alt’ key for Keith. :slight_smile:), however, then you get the vertical split. This was the way it was discussed when Keith and folks were discussing having a button for split view.

If you click it again with the option key pressed, it goes back to a horizontal split, etc., etc.

So this seems unproblematic to me. The split view window will toggle between horizontal and vertical splits when you hold the option key, and split whichever way the button shows it will if you don’t.

The x-button appears in only one window in either split, the top in horizontal split, and in the right one with vertical. Again, it seems pretty straightforward. You get the x-button in one of the views and not the other.

So I guess I’m missing where the inconsistency lies. So could I get you to clarify?




There is a bug in beta 2 where the button may go out of sync if you use both the menu commands and the buttons. This is (hopefully) fixed for beta 3.

You are right that there is a “main” view and a “supporting” view. The bottom or right view always takes precedence in the current set up.

All the best,