Split Screen Default

Is there a way to permanently change the default split screen icon to open in vertical format without using the option key to invoke it?

I use a large iMac monitor so vertical is my preferred option. I noticed that Windows has both icons available. There’s plenty of room on the Mac screen for the extra icon - why did the developers go the option key route? Maybe compatibility with iOS?

Never mind - I discovered that after you choose the vertical option it realizes you prefer vertical and remains like that until you use the option key again.

For some reason, probably my own inattention, it appeared to keep going back to the horizontal icon. Maybe too many option clicks. :smiley:

You can also use the Opt-Cmd-= shortcut to split horizontally no matter what (unless it is already split that way, then it turns splits off).

Or, if you really want to get fancy, you can use the Layout Manager to create and recall any number of screen combinations.

As I transition throughout the day from one type of writing activity to another, it makes it a breeze to pull up the best screen layout for that activity.

My apologies for bringing this up, but I just started using it seriously a few weeks ago, so I’m in full on evangelist mode!