Split screen editor is frozen on one side

Hi –

Something seems to have gone buggy with the split screen editor after I combined two projects by importing one in its entirety into the second (and renaming the third).

When I open the split screen one of them freezes even when I have highlighted it. It is not locked in place. I cannot change the document in that screen by choosing a new one from the binder. I can only move to another document by going backwards into previously opened documents. I CAN highlight the title line of the affected editor (in blue), but that has no affect. If I choose a new document to place in the editor from the binder it ALWAYS moves in the second editor, whether that second editor is highlighted or not.

Other projects are not affected so this seems to be a project of the merger of two projects.

This is a bummer because I combined the projects specifically because I want to cull from the existing documents and folders and reorganize what I want to keep in new documents – a perfect job for two editor screens. But the inability to use them properly is making this impossible.

I have thought of reloading the entire scrivener program to see if that would flush this out but would want to make sure to get guidance from you about how to make sure I don’t lose anything.

Or maybe I am missing something simple?

Thank you --Amy

It sounds to me like you’ve got your project set to open binder items in one of the two split editors. Take a look at the menu View->Binder Affects. It will show one of the sub-menu items selected; if it’s on Left, Right, Top, or Bottom, then that’s your issue. Just select “Current Editor”, and you’ll be golden.

I hope that’s helpful!