Split screen/editor is "stuck"

I did something last week when I switched from split editor to full and back. I did this multiple times because I wanted to track my character’s physical appearance, and some time in this back and forth, my split editor suddenly jumped to three blocks instead of two. It looked like a bug, so I went back to full editor view. Since then, every time I use split screen, it obediently shows two blocks, but no matter what I do, it will only show the same scrivening in both blocks. I click on the lower and choose a scrivening and it will display that, but the upper block also switches to that scrivening, and vice versa.

In the menu under Navigate > Binder Selects… there is an option for selections to affect Both Editors. Is it possible that this has been turned on?

No, “upper editor” was selected (I swear I didn’t do it :smiley: ). But switching the modes around a bit fixed my problem, thanks.
Are there some key macros I don’t know that switch modes? That may be what’s happened then. If so, they need hover-over infos.

It has happened to a lot of users to press a keyboard shortcut without realizing it. The keyboard shortcuts are written next to each menu entry. A full list of shortcuts with the ability to change most of them can be found inside the File > Options > Keyboard section.