Split screen editting

I’m sure it’s obvious and I’m just not seeing it.

I want to edit in split screen mode…i.e. I want to edit one screen leaving the other unchanged, saving the edited document separately as my new revision.

All I manage to do is split the screen and edit both sides at the same time. Rather useless.

This is why I’m trialing Scrivener, to test this function. I’m not generally an outliner, so those bits are just window dressing. Assisting the noob on this would be much appreciated.

There isn’t yet a way to do precisely what you are looking for, but this basic workflow can be achieved. The basic ingredient is Snapshots. When you’ve reached a point where you are ready to start on a new revision, you would take a snapshot (Ctrl-5) which permanently freezes the current text so you can view it or roll back to it at any point in the future. This happens in the background (you’ll hear a shutter click when it happens and that is it), so to view the snapshot, open your Inspector (Ctrl-Shift-I, or click the blue ‘i’ button on the far right of the toolbar), and then click the little antique camera icon at the bottom of the inspector. Now you can view the older revision in this sidebar while you work in the main editor.

A feature we have slated for the future is the ability to drag one of these snapshots out of the list and into one of the split editor header bars so you can close the inspector or just view it in a larger pane. You can resize the inspector to be wider than its default, too.

If you really must have it in its own split, you could consider duplicating the section you are working, dragging one of them out of the draft (perhaps create a folder for old revisions), and then load that in a split while you work. That gives you splits, but at the disadvantage of it being an editable document and so thus volatile to accidental revision.

You could create a PDF of the original file, put it in the research folder and use that for the “before” panel of the split.

FWIW, the duplicate function is what I usually use. Rename one of the copies so that you know which is “before” and which is “after.”


Apologies, usually I figure out what I need from a program by now…but this one just isn’t intuitive. Well, maybe for a Mac user, but idk for certain.

I’ve taken snapshots, before I posted this thread, in my attempts to figure out splitscreen editing. Project saved two days ago, as a test. However, I cannot find the snapshots. I’ve combed through each dropdown, made an attempt at the help manual (but w/o a search bar its of little use), and even found the snapshots folders manually. While the folders are there, they are empty.

How does one retrieve shapshots from previous saves?

I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble finding things in the manual. In Adobe Reader, there are search commands on the Edit menu which may be helpful.

Snapshots are discussed in more detail in Section 13.9. The Documents -> Snapshots -> Show Snapshots command is probably the fastest way to find them.