Split screen images

So basically I’d like to have different images alongside my chapter’s text box. So I put images in the vertical split, but the problem I am currently having is that if I change that window in one chapter, it changes for all the chapters. So I can’t have different images alongside each chapter, because it keeps applying the first image I try across the document. I don’t get it because one of my other projects doesn’t seem to have this problem. Can anyone help? It’s super annoying.

With a couple exceptions, each of the editor splits functions independently, so documents in one are not linked to documents in the other. I may be misunderstanding, but it sounds like you have a document loaded in one editor and an image (or a folder of multiple images) loaded in the second? Changing the document in the first editor isn’t going to automatically change what’s in the second editor, and I’m hard pressed to think of what you might be seeing in the other projects to give a different impression. It is possible to link the editors when one is in outliner or corkboard mode such that clicking on a document in the outline or corkboard will load the document in the other split, but that doesn’t seem to be quite what you’re describing.

Document notes might serve you well for this; these are directly associated with a given document, so switching documents in the editor will switch their document notes in the inspector. By widening the inspector and collapsing the general meta-data and synopsis, you can make the document notes the size of your split editor and fill that with the images you want for each document. Then when you open the document in the editor, you’ll have the correct images without any additional work.

Another option, if you have all the images imported into the binder and grouped per chapter, is to use the document references associate each of your chapter documents with its folder of images. Open the document in the editor and switch to the references tab in the inspector (icon of the stack of books, second from the left) then drag the image folder from the binder and drop it in the references list. You can then double-click the folder’s icon in the references to open it in the split editor. You’ll need to do this for each of your chapters, but especially if you have a lengthy binder, this makes it easy to quickly access the correct folder without lots of scrolling and expanding/collapsing items in the binder.

I think what’s happening is that the image from one subdocument is opening with all of them

I have my documents in a vertical split. In the left most box is the text of the document. To the right is an image. I’d like to do this throughout the project, with different images for each subdocument. However, say I put a character picture in the right editor in the topmost file. Well, then that picture loads in every single subdocument, and when I navigate away it also reverts to a copy of the text. I’m afraid I have no idea how to fix this.

Could you post a screenshot or two of the splits you’re describing and the binder showing the loaded files? It’s probably just my fuzzy brain, but I still feel like I’m only circling around the problem you’re describing, and the visual might help. I think it’s probably something about how you have the group mode set or how you’ve structured the binder, but seeing will help me verify that. I’m afraid of just throwing out too many random ideas as they may be so far off base that it would just get you more muddled.

yep trying to upload now, stand by. thanks for your help.

okay hopefully you can see this. so basically the image on the right changes as soon as I navigate away from the document I am trying to associate it with. I’d like to be able to have different images associated with each document, as opposed to either the same image being consistent across the entire thing, or having it revert to text when I navigate away.

Okay, first I want to be clear on how the split editor works. Except for the case I mentioned earlier, where one editor is in corkboard or outliner mode and is set to automatically load selected documents in the other editor, the two editors aren’t linked in any way. Changing the document in one editor shouldn’t have any affect on the other editor, so if you have loaded the image in the right split and a document in the left, loading a different document in the left split won’t change the image in the right. If you want to load Document A in the left split and Image A in the right split, when you change the left split to show Document B, you’ll have to manually change the right split to show Image B.

It sounds like you’re saying when you change the document on the left, the image on the right also changes, which shouldn’t be happening. I think, therefore, I’m not understanding what you’re doing when you say you’re “trying to associate” the image. Are you trying to drag and drop from the binder to the image’s references? That might be accidentally switching the image in the editor to showing the document you’re dragging. Also check that View > Binder Affects didn’t get changed from your expected setting–the default is “Current Editor”, but if you for instance had it set to Right Editor then any clicks in the binder that you meant to change the document on the left would instead be changing the image on the right.

Here again maybe I’m misunderstanding the whole problem by not following what you mean by associating the image and document. You can always choose any file to load in one editor and any file to load in the other, but changing the one won’t automatically change the other. This was why I suggested earlier that you use the document references as a way of associating the files. If you add the image to the document’s references, it won’t automatically load in the second split when you load the document, but it will be quickly accessible from the inspector, so rather than having to make the second split the active editor and then search through the binder for the image you want to load, you can just open the document references in the inspector and double-click the image’s icon there.

Okay thank you, I’ll try your suggestions and see what happens.