Split screen is essential!


Very happy to hear about this. Please, please include a split screen mode. I am currently using an app called side-by-side to replicate this function on the iPad. This is an essential feature for academics!

Thanks and good luck with development

Thanks for the suggestion, and one I feel a lot of people will be craving if we can get the user interface to work given the available space.

Please include.
This feature makes the difference when working on revisions.
No other ipad writing apps do this.

There may be a good reason other iPad applications don’t do this. :slight_smile: You have to remember that the iPad is not capable of everything a full computer can do, and iOS is very, very stripped down compared to OS X. As Jen says, we’re looking into it, but cannot promise anything just yet.
All the best,

p,ah always with the excuses :wink:
i expect a fully functioning splitscreen function on my iphone :smiley:

Perhaps the ability to swipe between two screens would provide the same functionality as split screen but make better use of the limited screen size. Just a thought.

I would actually say, no it is not. Frankly on the iPad all I would really need is to be able to edit Scrivener texts and create new ones; using externally-synced documents and an editor like Notebooks is a hack.

I would not even say the corkboard is essential either. Frankly I’d prefer to have a good directly compatible Scrivener editor on the iPad (which includes for example, footnotes and comments) sooner than have to wait longer while everyone’s nice-to-haves are added and polished.

Single most essential feature: edit Scrivener texts. Second feature: create a new Scrivener text. Third feature: organise texts in the document (e.g. corkboard). Then release version 1.0.

If by “split screen” you mean what’s now called ‘split vertically’ and ‘split horizontally,’ then I agree: that really is essential for my usage, even if it can work only in one mode (portrait or landscape) and/or only one layout (vertical or horizontal split). The inability to view one document (my notes or other source materials) at the same time as I’m writing another is the iPad’s primary limitation on my writing. As I wrote in an L&L blog comment:

As long it will allow me to display two documents side by side (or a horizontal split), and I can still see the Binder, that would probably be all I need to use my first-gen iPad as a replacement for my MacBook Air. I love my Air, but now that I’m not traveling nearly as much on road assignments as I used to, it spends the vast majority of its lifetime docked to my cinema display, and I could get more power and storage (and greater mobile battery life) at a lower cost by using a Mac Mini for that, and by using my iPad as my mobile platform.

Oh, and I’m assuming Scriv iOS would allow me to work with rtf files, not just txt, and to seamlessly sync with Dropbox, iCloud and Scrivener for Mac, etc.

I would greatly appreciate an option to make two (split) screens scroll simultaneously. I’m doing quite a lot of translation work, and that way by scolling just the translation I would also scroll the original without having to switch between the split screens.