Split screen issue in Scrivener

Suddenly, my split screen only shows the same chapter in both screens. I usually have the novel I’m typing on one side of the screen and its outline on the other, both from the binder. Now, the split screen reverts so that both screens show the same thing (novel or outline). I’ve tried Control | Option | Command | E and it reverted to showing the same things in both splits. I tried View | Editor Layout | Swap Editors. When I get it to show novel on the left and outline on the right, it jumps back to the novel within moments.

I don’t know why it suddenly changed, but I’d like it to change back. :slight_smile: I have a MacBook Air, Ventura 13.3.1 (a).
Thank you in advance for trying to help!

Can you please further define this?

I work in scrivener on vertical screens. Left side I’m typing the novel; right side shows the outline I typed earlier and want to follow. Suddenly, both sides showed the novel chapter I was working on. When I change one side to outline, both sides show only the outline. What I did just now was Lock the right side: Navigate > Editor > Lock in Place. That seems to work… It’s only been a couple of minutes. I hope that works.
Thank you for responding - if you have another suggestion, I’d like to hear it just in case this doesn’t work.


Thank you Vincent. My drop down menu is slightly different. Which should I check?

Left, by what you described as your workflow.

(I am on Windows, thus the menu difference.)

Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it.

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To load the outline in the second editor, there are a couple of ways.
I think the most convenient for you would be to load it just like anything else (I am taking for granted that your outline is actually a couple of binder items), it’ll end up in the left editor, then swap editors and finally select the document you want in the left editor.

Thanks for the information. It’s working now. I call that a win!

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