Split Screen - Not Sure If Bug Or Feature?

Hi! Congrats on 3.0 release! I managed to get it earlier this week and have been working with it, but I just happened to notice an issue that I’m unsure whether it’s a bug or not.

See, in previous versions (as far as I remember anyway), whenever you use the Split Screen feature, the little bars at the top and bottom of the document you are currently typing in would switch to the other document if you clicked into the other document. In 3.0 however, they seem to just stay on the right-most document, meaning I am unable to check the word count or change the zoom (for example) of the left-hand document until I bring it up on the right-side screen. I have included screenshots to illustrate this as description is not really my strong suit (hence my practice on the featured documents, lol)!

If I’m just dumb and there’s some option I’m missing, or for other reasons this isn’t a bug after all, I’d love to know! I checked in Bug Hunt, Technical Support, and Beta Testing to see if this has already been mentioned, but I didn’t see anything, so I apologize if there is in fact a thread for this already. I have tried restarting Scrivener, as well as turning Split Screen off and then on again (lol) to no avail. Not a debilitating thing, just slightly annoying. Just means my outline has to be on the left instead of the right so I can see my word count as I type.

HI Han-Akuma Trill,

It looks like Header & Footer are turned off for the left panel. To cure this:

Click inside left panel to make it active.

View > Editor Layout > Header View (to turn on Header)

View > Editor Layout > Footer View (to turn on Footer)

If that doesn’t work, let me know.


Ah, so I am just dumb! Thank you!!! I didn’t know what to call those bars so I didn’t know to look for that. They are turned on now. Thank you so much for your response! :smiley: