Split screen not working

For some odd reason my split screen has stopped working. I have a novel with dozens of scenes and I keep two scenes in view at all times—usually the scene I’m currently editing and the prior scene that I just finished editing.

What has begun to happen is only one side (the left) will operate. Changing focus by clicking on one side or the other does not do anything. Even changing focus by using the menu command does nothing.

I’ve been using Scrivener for quite some time and it has always worked perfectly. Now it is not.

BTW, I have a computer running 10.6.6 and one running Lion. I’m getting the same problem on both.


To what degree do you mean that it isn’t working? Do you mean that if you select that split (so the header bar is blue) and then try to load stuff in it from the Binder nothing happens? If the header bar is instead red, then it is locked. Use the header bar icon menu to unlock it. Another potential is if you see a little icon in the corner of your binder header, like this:

If so, then you’ve at some point set up the Binder to only affect one split and not the other. In the case of this icon, the left split is being targeted no matter which split has focus. To disable this, use View/Binder Affects/Current Editor

Since these are both project level settings that get saved as you use them, that would explain why both computers experience the same behaviour—it’s programmed into your project settings at this point.

That’s it!

Thanks SOOOOO much!

You’re welcome!