Split screen on single doc: unwanted cursor/scroll movements

Discovered this one when doing some MMD blog-post writing. Again, the usual apologies in advance if this has already been reported and my search for duplicates missed it.

So I have one document open: the blog post I’m writing in MMD. I have split the screen so that it is easy to switch between the point in the blog post where I’m writing text and the end of the document where I’m putting all my link definitions. In the top half, the cursor is wherever I’m writing; in the bottom half, I have left the cursor at the end of the document. The last line of the document should remain in view at the bottom of the bottom half editor, no matter what I do in the top half editor, right?

But instead, as I compose text in the top editor, and the top editor scrolls down, the bottom editor scrolls up. Just a little. But just enough that the last couple lines go below the visible window. When I CTRL-TAB into the bottom half, now I have to CTRL-END to return that editor’s cursor to the end of document. It didn’t stay where I put it. It’s like the bottom-half editor is trying to creep up to where the top-half editor is, little by little.

Does that make sense?

What’s happening is that as you add text to the top part of the document, it pushes down the bottom. So what started as 32 lines, with the bottom editor scrolled to show line 32, has now become 54 lines. The editor is still scrolled to show line 32 it’s just that line 32 is a different line now. You’ll see the same thing if you split the document window in Word, for example.

The way I get around this myself is usually to just copy the salient part temporarily into the document notes or to duplicate the document (Ctrl+D on the selected binder item while the bottom editor is active), so that the second editor isn’t showing just a different scrolled position in the same file but a separate document that isn’t being edited. When you’re done, just trash the duplicate.

Ah, bummer. This makes perfect sense and I feel silly now for thinking it was a bug.

But thanks for the workaround idea! Taking it one step further, I could also just create the link notes in a separate document from the main blog post, then compile them together into a single HTML page to test everything; then finally merge them so I don’t have twice as many documents as I really need later.

That’s the Scrivener spirit! Good ol’ Split Document. :slight_smile: