Split Screen Opening in Wrong Window

I searched the forum for this before posting, and it looks like several years ago another person had this issue, but the question was abandoned.

This problem seems to have appeared randomly after several years of use, so I feel like I must’ve just hit a wrong button somewhere. When I’m using horizontal split screen, I would like Text A on top and Text B on the bottom. I select the bottom split screen, then click on Text B in my binder…and it opens in the TOP!

I THINK I’ve found a work around–somehow these are opposite, so whatever I want in the top, I have to select the BOTTOM, and vice-versa. But even then, things seem to randomly get wonky. Sometimes I can have the same texts open in both screens and sometimes it won’t let me. I’m very confused.

Have I locked something? (My padlock by the Inspector is open.) Switched something?

Hello pirate,
Have you checked on the top menu that View / Binder Affects is set to the desired editor, top, bottom ect?

Broadsides, THANK YOU! That was what I must’ve messed up! It is fixed.