split screen question

Bear with me, I am a luddite and very new to computers of any sort. Thanks in advance.

I have a very long (at least 600,000 words) palindrome in rough manuscript form, in a number of notebooks and index cards, etc. I would like to type it up on Scrivener and have determined the best way to go about this is to have two screens open at once, preferably with a vertical split down the middle, so I would type the first page on the left and the last page on the right, then the second and penultimate pages, and so on, working towards the middle. I recall seeing a way to do this in the tutorial but can’t figure it out now. And when I open the horizontal split screen mode and type, the same words show in both screens, which I do not want. Make sense?

Essentially what I want is for two screens to be open at the same time and to be able to bounce back and forth at will. If I have explained poorly let me know and I will try to clarify. Thanks again!

By the way I posted a similar question several years ago but I have been busy with other things and just finally downloaded Scrivener, on a Mac laptop (not sure why it says Linux there).

If I understand your question — and your goal — all you need do is set a split screen, begin typing in one document, then open a second document and begin typing that in the second screen. Type first and last pages, then open two more documents and type second and second-last pages. You’ll want, very soon in the project, to combine documents into files.

Thank you, I’ve been messing around with it some more and I do believe that is the solution.