Split screen view for iPad Scrivever iOS

I’d like to know if there are any plans to incorporate a split screen mode in the iPad version of Scrivener. I find this a very handle item, and if it’s already available in some hidden option, I’d like to know the way to go about getting turned on.

And for the unintentionally hilarious quote of the day, the nominees are . . .

Yeah man, low libido, what can I say.

Hilarity aside, you can sort of do this via the Quick Reference function. Swipe left in the Binder and select the More command.


Thanks, this will have to do. But I think the ability to change the width of the binder/editor, would be the final suggestion to make the experience most split-screen like.

Click gear icon (lower left corner). Opens Project settings. Under SIDEBAR (the top item), click expanded.

Thanks, this is just what I need. Although I still think future iterations, one should be able to control the size of the binder to whatever they like.

I suspect this is in part a limitation of iOS. Its own split-screen function doesn’t allow arbitrary “window” widths, either.