Split screen working

I split the screen to work on updating a chapter. What I want is to be able to update in one screen - deleting, moving paras around etc. - while the other screen keeps the original document for me to check against and copy text from.

However, any changes I make in the live screen appear simultaneously on the other screen.

Is there any way to have two versions independent of each other?

Thank you.

I would suggest duplicating the document in the binder, Cmd-D as a shortcut, and opening that in the other split. When you have done your editing, you could delete the duplicate, or move it into an archive repository folder in the research section, so you can always go back to it if the need arises.



Yes, split screen works the same as it does in any word processor (such as Word) - it just shows the same document in both panes, so edits affect both (although in Scrivener of course you can also view other documents in the split). There is also the snapshots feature, though - taking a snapshot takes a copy of that document as it is, and you can view all of the older versions in the snapshots panel (available via the Documents menu).
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I think I’ve found an easy work-around for you. Click on your document Folder so your document is showing in the one main large screen. Then hit Return to make a new empty Folder right below your document Folder in the list on the left. Then click the little square button at the top right of your main screen to split the screen. Now you’ve got the same document in both the upper and lower screen.

Now click in the lower screen once anywhere. Then click on your new empty Folder in the list on the left and the lower pane (screen) should show up empty. Now do a ‘select all’ in your document above and do a copy, then paste it into the lower pane. Now you should be able to edit your lower document without changing the upper one (because ‘it’ thinks its two different folders, which it actually is). Try that and let us know.

The idea is actually simple. Instead of having one document split into two of the same, you’re keeping the upper document and opening a brand new Folder pane below, where you can actually put any one of your other Folders if you want. The empty folder just comes in handy if you want to edit the doc in the upper screen via the lower screen, w/o changing the original doc in the upper screen.

I wonder if I could do that for editing PDF’s…

Thank you all for the advice.

Creating an empty document and then doing a copy and paste from the other side of the split screen works fine.

So does the duplicate binder - but when I’m in mid-document being able to split and revise is perfect.