Split screen

Capitan allows me to split the screen between two applications. I have (just about) no problem in splitting the screen between two Apple apps. Also I’ve managed to split the screen between an L&L app and an Apple app — i.e. Scrivener-Safari or Scapple-Messages. What I haven’t managed, though, is to split the screen between Scrivener and Scapple. Is it possible, and does anyone know how to go about it?

It’s on my list to optimise Scrivener for use with El Capitan’s split screen feature for the next major update, but it’s not a simple task given how much you could have in Scrivener’s UI.
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Thanks, Keith.

I see myself wanting to use split screen, now that I’ve had a chance to play with it a little, so I’m glad this is on the radar. But I’m going to have to invest in a bigger monitor; the auto-hiding inspector or binder (whichever is near the split) will probably never be useful in split screen, so I need space for both editor and either binder or inspector and the other app.

Keith, while you’re pondering split screen and Scrivener, would it be possible for “open in external editor” functions to optionally create a split screen (when working in full-screen mode already) with the other document?

I’m not sure there are any APIs for that…

Robert: what a great idea! Shame Apple’s APIs didn’t consult you before finalising themselves :smiley:

At first, it didn’t let me do it.*

Then it did. I don’t know what I was doing differently, but my process is just to have them on the same desktop, long-press the green button on one of them and it just happens.



*EDIT: A bit more info.

It went back to not working. It seems that if Scriv ends up more than half the window when you do the green long press, Scapple won’t sit beside it. I played around with the Scrivener size on its own, and then all was fine when I tried again.